Package net.sourceforge.xmote.encoding

Interface Summary
IEncoding IEncodeing defines the interface for encoding/decoding Objects to/from Elements.

Class Summary
Base64Encoding Encoding for Byte class.
BooleanEncoding Encoding for Boolean class.
ByteEncoding Encoding for Byte class.
CharEncoding Encoding for Character class.
DateEncoding Encoding for Date class.
DefaultEncoding The DefaultEncoding implements the most common features of IEncoding implementations.
DoubleEncoding Encoding for Double class.
EncodingFactory Singleton factory that stores all IEncoding implementations and is the entry point for encoding/decoding.
FloatEncoding Encoding for Float class.
IntEncoding Encoding for Integer class.
ListEncoding Encoding for List class.
LongEncoding Encoding for Long class.
MapEncoding Encoding for Map class.
ObjectEncoding Encoding for Java Beans.
ShortEncoding Encoding for Short class.
StringEncoding Encoding for String class.
UuidEncoding Encoding for String class.

Exception Summary
EncodingException Indicates an exceptional condition during the encoding/decoding of a value.

Copyright (C) 2007 Jason Rush. All Rights Reserved.